Software for Scene Rectification


Rect41 01Photographs and videos oblique to a surface are transformated into a plan view like a map. Scanners and digital cameras can be used directly from within the program so the rectification of any kind of picture is possible Distances can be measured true to scale and true to angle. Up to 10 different reference lengths can be used for rectification. All camera parameters (like camera inclina­tion, rotation, focal length and camera height) are calculated in an optimization process using the reference lengths. A drawing program to make road sketches and an accident scene description is included.

  • Rectification of a single picture: All common bitmap formats are supported for import and export of scanned photo­graphs and rectified pictures.
  • Connection of multiple pictures: PC-Rect allows the connection of several pictures using two common points in each picture.
  • Rectification of multiple pictures with measurement grid:
  • Lense distortion: As lenses cause distortion, especially at low focal lengths, errors in the rectification of the image can occur. By using lense correction in PC-Rect, these distortions can be compensated.
  • Luminance calculation: For performing luminance calculation, the camera must be calibrated. By using a camera calibration file image data are converted to luminance and the visibility can be calculated.
  • Panorama generation: Panorama pictures can be created automatically.
  • Video rectification: The video must be divided into individual pictures, which are continously numbered.
    A cut-out has to be selected and reference distances have to be defined.
  • Drawing program: A drawing program to create road sketches and accident scene description, is included.

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