New features PC-Crash 14.0:



GPS/Mapping Window:

With this module, ortho and map images can be searched and displayed true to scale in PC-Crash. Also GPS data from GPS devices can be imported and edited.

  • Different Map providers
  • Maps can be imported into simulation project
  • GPS data import (FIT, GPX, NMEA, TCX, TXT)
  • Google Earth export (KML)



  Text recognition (OCR)

  • Image to text conversion
  • PDF to searchable PDF

Texts in images can be read out automatically via this menu. Starting from a scanned or photographed document, the included text is converted and can either be copied from PC-Crash and pasted into another program (text editor or MS Word, MS Excel, etc.), or saved as a PDF (OCR). The automatic text recognition can be carried out for images (*.bmp, *.jpg, *.png, *.gif, ....) as well as for PDF files.



Sequence table velocity for kinetic and kinematic simulation. Tachograph data and GPS data are automatically transferred into a velocity sequence table. It is also possible to enter time and velocity manually into the velocity sequence table.


3D View
In addition to reference points the camera optimization can also be performed by defining  parallel lines. 




Drawing program:

zmin/zmax for triangulation: 

It is possible to define minimal-and maximal values in z-direction for triangulation. 




Barrier simulation model (MUSIAC)

  • 12 additional barriers/guardrails
  • 10 additional vehicles









DSD Database

  • 98528 additional vehicles (including facelifts)
  • HSN/TSN search feature

Updated databases (Crashtests, image databases)