Our test site is located near Linz in Allhaming. The test area covers 25,000 m2.

Latest active testing technologies are available on site with the DSD UFO platforms. The DSD Ultra Flat Overrunable robot is developed as a tool for the evaluation and testing of active safety systems. The UFO is a 97mm high automotive driven target carrier platform, controlled by dGPS. Different dummies (car rear-end dummy, pedestrian dummy, etc.) can be mounted on it. The robust, ramped construction can be overrun smoothly with the testing vehicle.

This proving ground does offer dynamic testing of the full performance of the ADAS system for crash avoidance as well as crash mitigation.


Testing Examples:

Autonomous Emergency Braking  (longitudinal / transversal traffic)

Pedestrian recognition system (1D & 2D target motion)

Cross-way assistent system (1D & 2D target motion)



Area -  25.000 m²

Runway - 230m Asphalt

Manoeuvre area - 95 x 40 m

Data acquisition - Light barrier, GPS tracking

UFOPed02 klein