New features PC-Crash 12.1:


  • Support for 360 degree panoramic images (Google Streetview, custom panoramas with camera optimization).
    These can be loaded as a background image and adjusted via image optimization.
  • Several DirextX vehicle drawings can be combined (also in 2D view) loaded onto a vehicle.
    For example, additional attachments or cargo may be added to a model.




  • Creation of 360 degree videos and image sequences.
  • Correction of 360 degree images: Images taken with a 360 degree camera can be corrected horizontally and vertically in PC-Crash.


  • Superresolution image enhancement. 

  • Sightlines can be switched on/off individually.


  • Updated databases.
  • DSD database includes manufacturer sketches and torque diagrams (if available).

Multibody Simulation:

  •  Optimization with multi-body system  (end positions, speed, position).

  •  Updated animal models.


  • Updated database (crash tests, images with scales).
  • Deformation area added for EES catalog and crash tests.

Drawing Program

  • 3D drawing objects: box, cylinder, cone, sphere, hemisphere, pyramid, wedge, triangular fan, triangular stripes.