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HyperG 50/70 catapult sled system (with ASIS intrusion simulation upgrade)


The DSD 60 to 700kN catapult is a mini to midi catapult system for operation of a high variety of acceleration tests. It is the first system, which integrates to a catapult an advanced intrusion simulation system (ASIS). The upgrade-ability from 350 to 700kN (60 to 180kN) as well as extension up to 8 intrusion actuators makes it an investment for the future. It can be mounted on an existing industrial floor, or be floor–integrated to have a convenient use without a pit between the rails. The modularity of the DSD system also allows mini catapults with nominal forces beginning from 60kN using the Intrusion cylinder system.

intrusion simulation system


  • Modular & Upgradeable
  • Full loop control
  • High dynamic for crash pulses
  • Modular system
  • Pneumatic Actuator
  • Hydraulic controlled
  • Industrial floor mounting


According to the application and size of the catapult, different sled sizes are available. The rail system uses milled elements and with its novel levelling system be adopted to your laboratory. This high precision allows to perform acceleration pulses with an accuracy never seen before. 



The controller unit uses a novel predictor control algorithmic to optimize the pulse automatically. The controller works with the latest industrial PC solutions and allows also open interfaces for your own extensions. The supply units are delivered in a compact CSU (central supply unit), which integrates the supply of compressed air from the storage as well as the hydraulic. The DSD system uses a minimum of oil due to its servo system.

  controller unit



Example Tests:

  example01    example02



 System example and components:


  • Mini Catapult top-floor mounted

mini catapult


  • HyperG 70 System, floor-integrated



  • CSU (Central supply unit)



  • HyperActuator for Intrusion simulation



  • ASIS (Advanced Side Impact) upgrade on floor-integrated catapult



  • iSize Child Restraint testing with one intrusion cylinder on HyperG catapult




Key points:

  • Small oil volumes assure a very quick opening and closing operation of servo hydraulic valves
  • 2 closed loop systems (brake pressure and acceleration) assure a real-time operation
  • During test operation: compensating change of masses   +/- 10%,  as well as oscillations of masses
  • System HyperG50/70 possible to mount on industrial floor
  • HyperG50/70 upgradeable to “ASIS”
  • ASIS useable separately e.g. airbag-deployment tests and structure tests (B-pillar)
  • HyperG modular developable: 1. / 2. / 3. brake
  • Integration at floor level (without pit between rails), by compact rail and sled design – integrated sled brakes (traversable by forklift)
  • More than 15 years’ experience in facility construction/engineering and test execution with own HyperG and own laboratory
  • High flexibility on customization with short delivery time
  • Modular system (brakes, rail length, stroke)


key points











Testing possibilities:

  • Seat belt: ECE R 16, ECE R 80
  • Rear Impact: NCAP, IIHS
  • Front Impact: FMVSS 213
  • Seat testing: NCAP, FMVSS 202a, IIHS, ECER17


  • Aeronautic: FAR 23.562, 25.562, AS8049
  • Child restraint: ECE R 44, ECE R 129 (incl. iSize with DSD Intrusion System)
  • Sport seats: NASCAR 038, FIA 8855
  • Loading: ISO 11154 (roof girder), DIN ISO 27955, 75410/2 (cargo)



  • Nominal acceleration force: 60 / 120 / 180 / 350 / 500 / 700kN
  • Payload nominal (max. peak accel.): 500 kg @ 64g / 1000 kg @ 35 g
  • Rail length (effective): 14 meter (customizable)
  • Intrusion system (opt.) number of cylinders: up to 8 independent intrusions
  • Max. intrusion acceleration: 150g
  • Max. stroke ca.: 1,4m
  • Sled (m): 1,3 x 2,0
  • System lenght approx.: 22 meter
  • Intrusion force: 60, 120, 180 kN