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Intrusion Cylinder

Using a high-pressure reservoir (100 – 300 bars) the Intrusion Cylinder can provide very high forces in very short period of time. A servo hydraulic brake system allows an exact control of these forces. The brake system reacts in realtime using a duplex closed loop controller, which is controlling the brake pressure and the acceleration simultaneously.

The compact and light design allows all kind of applications within existing systems off sled as well as on sled. Flexible tubes and cables supply the system so that it can be mounted in many different ways and positions.

The system is equipped with a number of different safety devices to assure highest safety for the operating staff.



  • Cylinder forcompressed air
  • Hydraulic Braking System
  • Piston with Rod
  • Servo Hydraulic Valve
  • Controller Unit
  • Auxiliary power units (hydraulic pump, compressor




  • Side impact
  • Foot space intrusion
  • Steering column intrusion
  • Belt rewinder test rig
  • Component test rig
  • Free flight applications
  • Customized solutions
  • Pedestrian Protection Systems
  • Yawing and Pitching



Intrusion Cylinder Software

An operator of the Intrusion Cylinder system can control and overview all actions completely by his control PC. Running a test is as simple as inputting the desired curve and the payload. The software applies automatically the brake, fills the air from the storage tanks into the pneumatic cylinder and initializes the test.

Before the test is finally executed the system can also give triggers to external devices such as data acquisition, high-speed cameras, lights, etc.

After the test the result is immediately plotted against the target pulse and can be comfortably analyzed.



  • High space-performance ratio
  • High Accuracy
  • Easy to use by autonomous control system
  • Real time control of acceleration by closed loop
  • Learning capability
  • Easy analyzing
  • Easy synchronization with a sled system