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Ultraflat Overrunable Robot for experimental ADAS Testing

UFO is an UltraFlat Overrunable robot used for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) testing. Because of it’s 2D motion and its programmable speed profiles it allows testing of real world scenarios.

It’s very stable structure can be overrun by test vehicles – without damaging them – and the target will be pushed away from the UFO. UFO is designed from the beginning for crash and post-crash scenarios and not only pre-crash.

The UFO is monitored and operated using a wireless receiver. The on-boad processor connected to the inertial and dGPS platform is controlling the UFO following the pre-programmed target trajectorie.

Free trajectories can be programmed easily and user friendly. This allows a very easy and fast setup and change of trajectories. The start can be triggered by light gates or position information from the test vehicle.

The four wheel concept with its front steer axle and the rear traction axle can be used for  real and stable vehicle motions.

The electric engines are powered by fast swappable batteries. Mechanical brakes allow high and precise decelerations.

Removeable ramps and battery allow easy transportation and maintenance due to reduction of size and weight. A fast wheel change concept allows wheel changes in shortest time.


UFO-ABD compatibility


DSD UFO cleaning


-  Frame Size: 1100x1605mm
-  Overall Size: 1690x2950mm
-  120kg carrying weight of core system
-  ca. 260kg test ready weight (stable operation in case of wind suction)
-  max. speed with 3D dummy: 85kph
-  max. acceleration with dummy: 3m/s² (up to 3 0kph)
-  Low overrun height of only 98 mm

max. deceleration with dummy: controlled: 6m/s²


  • The Global Vehicle Target (GVT) and robotic platform is in accordance with the EuroNCAP / NHTSA / IIHS confirmation workshops.

  • Screw-less, welded ramp system for reduced RCS

  • Stable 4-wheel chassis for minimized rolling

  • The offered equipment is used by EuroNCAP laboratories

  • The UFO robotic platform is with the low overrun height of 98mm designed to be overruned / by a vehicle without damages to car and platform.

  • The control software is proven to simply integrate with the ABD driving robots and is used in this configuration with ABD robots performing complex and high precise testing with the UFO robotic platform.

  • Additional space for integration

  • Connector for active lights for the vehicle target

  • Integrated control of the articulated dummy

  • The UFO System measures the relative distance and orientations between the UFO and the vehicle under test (Range-Function, optional) or an existing OXTS range system can be connected.

  • Safe testing with optional proving ground warning and monitoring systems integrated in the UFO testing suite (warning light, light gates, video system)

UFO-pro  UFO 75 disassambled


Testing Efficiency

  • The UFO robotic platform is designed with the swappable batteries to run continuously high speed tests as required for EuroNCAP lane support system tests without any downtime for charging (see option).

  • The water protectedlow voltage of 48V

  • The modular platform design allows to add other modules from the UFO testing suite e.g. arrow ramp for lateral collision testing, and therefore stay up-to-date for a long period.

  • VRU testing in longitudinal and crossing scenarios

  • Easy maintenance and cleaning of insides by easy remove of ramps and covers

  • One-man lifting and garaging by UFO-movers

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