15 Channel Data Aquisition Platform 

Data acquisition platform for record of dynamic data, where accelerations and angular velocities describe the movement (vehicle driving performance, braking tests, and vehicle crash tests).


  • 3 axial acceleration and angular velocity sensors for vehicle measurements. 
  • The acquisition time can be up to 300 s at the highest sampling rate per channel (1 kHz), if the channel sampling rate is reduced the acquisition time increases.
  • No additional power supply for the data acquisition platform or the sensors is required.
  • No addition wiring in the vehicle is needed. Application of the platform for brake and acceleration measurements, crash tests and vehicle dynamics measurements (e.g.: stability control  evaluation, driving in a turn etc.).
  • The recorded data can be transferred directly from the mobile device to your PC using the Windows Explorer and the USB connection cable.
  • The PC based analysis software takes the mounting location of the platform within the vehicle into account and can eliminate the effect of gravity on the measured accelerations. The PDA based software can be started directly from the desktop of the mobile device.



Technical data:

  • 15 analog input channels (12 bit resolution)
  • 4 digital input
  • Dimensions/Weight: 135x130x40 mm / 470 g
  • 2 3-axial accelerometers (±1.5g and ±200 g) for impact testing and brake/vehicle dynamics testing, 1 3- axial angular velocity sensor (±300 deg/s for roll, pitch and yaw)
  • User selectable sampling rate up to 1 kHz per channel
  • Data acquisition duration > 300 s at 1 kHz sampling rate per channel
  • Storage capacity on storage card for more than 500 brake tests
  • 15 analog input channels are alternative useable for wheel revolutions, steering wheel angle and other measurements
  • PC based analysis software is included in the package