Features PC-Crash 12.0:


2D View:

  • Wide tiremark option added 
  • 3D sections are used in 2D view
Foto Mehrfachansicht


3D View:

  • Multiple simultaneous views (mirrors etc.)
  • Background image automatically hidden for camera calibration
  • Faster display rate for large point clouds

Foto Tunnel



  • Import of digital tachograph data files
Foto Tacho1 Foto Tacho2


  • Updated databases
  • Database record data is saved with vehicle 
  • Turning circle is used for max.steering angle


Kinematic Calculations:

  • Throwing distance diagram for bicycle riders added 



  • Contrast and brightness can be modified for point clouds 
  • Support for LAS files added 

Foto Punktwolken


 Multibody simulation:

  • Additional models for motorcycles with detailed wheels 
  • Neew models for Ebikes
  • Simulation of towing rope
  • Spring/damper elements between vehicles can be specified

 Foto Mehrkörpersim


  • Move all vehicles x, y added


  • Updated database (crashtests, images with scales)
  • Finite element calculations added (pole and barrier impacts)


Foto Recondata